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we've got new developments in the case of a middletown mother shot to death in front of her own child. hear the latest on the investigation. live now animation and lets give you a live look downtown on another cold night. but is a warmup on the way? jeff has your forecast coming up.... and you're looking at the scene right now in over the rhine where bockfest is finally underway! we've got a live report on the festivities coming up. but first, time is running out for city and county leaders to come up with a new plan to prevent trucks from hauling human waste through the city! you heard that right. good evening everyone, i'm michael baldwin. our own megan o'rourke joins us live with more... and megan, officials say this isn't that uncommon right? the thing is, county leaders tell
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already being trucked in cincinnati--and ends up one of two places, either at the little miami plant or here at the mill creek incinerator. but, as it stands now...unless a new plan is approved in the next 3 weeks...this will be the only spot. for decades, officials say trucks have been hauling human waste on our local roads...along side other drivers. 6 "well as long as they don't crash into me i think it's alright, it's a poop truck..but what else are they going to do? how else are they going to transport it?" hamilton county commissioner chris monzel says while no one likes the idea, it is a safe practice...that's working. 4 - :07 "these trucks are covered up, they are definitely protected. some are encased, but some are open and just have a cover on them." but, what could be changing now in cincinnati, is where that waste ends up. last year the epa deemed the little miami incinerator in the east end, out of compliance with it either needs to be upgraded, rebuilt or replaced of disposal facility. but, county
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city previously agreed to a plan shut it down. and instead, invest 94 million dollars in to the only other waste incinerator in the city, here at the mill creek plant. 1 - :09 "they've kind of reversed that decision and they want to keep it operating because they do not want the trucks that are carrying the waste from the little miami incinerator to come through the city to the mill creek incinerator" so, now with just 3 weeks until the e- p-a deadline, local officials are working to file an extension... 3- :09 "we're not going to run anything illegally we're going to follow the law...but we want to make sure that we have a plan in place that we can show the epa that we will be in compliance with them no matter what we do" county officials tell me they are working with city officials to try and get the e-p-a to grant that they can continue to look for another solution. but, if no agreement is reached...the little miami incinerator will close march 21st. rl mo fox 19 now. developing now animation
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bars tonight... charged in the murder of a middletown mother. you're looking at curtis burdette junior of dayton who's now officially charged in the death of 29- year old brittany russell. police found russell shot to death last month inside a car... with her infant daughter alive in the back seat. court records show that burdette junior has an extensive criminal history. he has spent some time in jail and it's been reported that he wrote a judge at one point saying he wanted to be a role model. "curtis do you have anything to do with the murder man? no." when i first met curtis burdette jr he was being arrested on a cocaine possesion. he told me he had nothing to do with brittany rusell's murder. police say that's a lie. he has now been charged in her death. his criminal history includes a heroin charge in september of 2010 in butler county, where he was to serve 5 years of community control. court records show that was revoked and
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department of rehabilitation and correction but jail credit of 280 days. court records also show he violated parole in 2012. the jounal news in hamilton reports that in march of 2002, burdette applied for judicial release and wrote that he had grown mentally and spritually, attending bible studies and earned a g.e. d. the paper goes on to report that he wrote the judge saying quote, i am no realizing how important my life is to me and my goal is to keep all kinds of negativity out of my life now and forever. he went on to say quote, "i do not want to see anyone follow my path of bad choices or worse." of course we're story as it online and on the app. right now animation investigators are trying to figure out what caused this crash in cold springs kentucky and her daughter dead. today police identified the victims as 30-year
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and 8-year old jakyra cundiff... both killed after another driver crossed the center line and struck their car head on last night. now those in jakyra's school are trying to cope with the loss. "kyra is just a part of our roadrunner family here at reiley and she comes in everyday with a smle on her face and is just ready to learn. she's always giving towards others and helpful and she's just been a great student and our students and our staff edit they're just devastated today." so far no charges have been filed who struck the no cause has been released. cincinnati police are investigating an arrest caught on video... and spread through social media. you're looking at video showing the harrell who facebook... showing an incident that happened last month. harrell claims that an officer was following him...
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him and arresting him for a jay- walking. since the videos release... c-p-d has responded by saying that they've launched an investigation into the incident... and are taking a citizen complaint from harrell. weather now switching now to weather... cold night and some rain tomorrow right jeff? jeff it's been a rather gloomy day with lots of clouds and temps stuck in the mid 30s. overnight another disturbance will work into the region with the possibility of some light wet snow changing to light rain as temps warm into the mid 40s by afternoon. once this system moves out the next several days look quiet and mild with highs climbing from the 50s on sunday into the 60s for monday and tuesday. rain moves in mid week and looks to stick around through friday. so the weather might not feel like it... but spring is in the air. that's because the 24th edition of bockfest is alive and well in over- the-rhine tonight. our ben katko is there live right
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that's because the 24th edition of bockfest is alive and well in over- the-rhine tonight. our ben katko is there live right now... as the three day party kicks off. ben... the bockfest organizers do call this the "coming of spring." we are at the bockfest hall in otr. this is one of about 2 dozen spots in the neighborhood celebrating... while taking in the city's
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it's that time of year again. the time when beer flows free... nats of people cheering and goats... yes, goats... roam the streets... no font "bockfest! it's a great thing for cincinnati." cincinnati is home to the world's oldest bock festival. nats it's a 3-day extravaganza dedicated to nothing but bock- style beer made famous by german monks during lent... and it's popularity in cincinnati's bustling brewing scene before prohibition. no font "it's awesome! the right of spring!" "the people. the atmosphere. the party. the great costumes! it's a lot of fun." no font "the bock beer is amazing. it's a great thing. trust me." in german... bock means goat. so, meet schnitzel. this little guy from northern kentucky is tasked with pulling the ceremonial first keg through the streets of over- the-rhine... during the annual parade.
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experience for me but i will definitely be back." it's the beer that keeps people coming. what is bock beer? it's a late winter brew... for celebrations and holidays, of course. in fact... monks drank it during lenten fasts to take the place of eating any real food. no font "it's still a really good beer, and it fills you up!" this party runs all weekend through sunday. i assure you... there is plenty of beer to go around. live in over-the- rhine... ben katko... fox19 now. so if you're heading down this weekend... we've got a complete guide to all things bockfest. find out who's involved... where you can park and more. it's live now on fox19 now dot com. the road to the final four starts tonight in crestview hills. fox19 now sports director joe d is back from thomas more with the champs. no college team in kentucky dominates their competition like thomas more. not u-k - not louisville. it's now march - and tonight the
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sixty straight wins for division three's defending national champs... and the opening round of the ncaa tournament on sydney moss is the in the country. off night for moss - she only scored twenty-three points. what's cool about this team is it's mostly local high school products. that's abby owings to madison temple. anderson high. thomas more advances with a 35- point win. they play for a chance at the sweet 16 on their home floor tomorrow. more from tmc and a must see buzzer beater from a high school regional game is coming up on the final quarter. right now investigators in los angeles are grappling with a potential bombshell in the 20-year old o-j simpson murder case. this after they were given a knife that could be connected to the stabbing deaths of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman.
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mclean has more. it"s been more than twenty years since the world hung on every twist and turn, in the o.j. simpson trial and today, another possible clue. capt. andrew neiman, los angeles police the actual item is described as a knife. a knife, possibly found on o.j. simpson's former brentwood estate nearly two decades ago is now being tested for forensic evidence. police say someone supposedly gave the knife to a l.a.p.d. police officer working security on a movie set. that officer held onto it. capt. andrew neiman, los angeles police he held on to it until just recently when we discovered he had it and we have now recovered it within the last month. o.j. simpson was tried in 1995 and acquitted of the 1994 stabbing deaths of his ex- wife, nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. the supposed murder weapon was never recovered, only adding to the mystery surrounding the case. the former lead detective on the case isn't ready to jump to
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los angeles police ret. i think you have to perspective. this knife apparently some 18 years ago around the time other knives in and properties were recovered and turned over by people. forensic testing whether this knife is -- or is not-- connected to the case -- but even if it is, o.j. simpson, who is currently in prison on unrelated charges -- is forever off the hook in this case. capt. andrew neiman, los angeles police we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicides he's already been charged with cause he's been acquitted. in washington, i'm scott mclean. just a day after what many are calling the most outrageous debates yet... the g-o-p candidates are taking each other on again! and we're gearing up for tomorrows caucus in kentucky! see how local organizers are preparing next... live wx tease
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following what many are calling if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich
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for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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the most explosive debate yet... the final four republican candidates are now setting their sights on the bluegrass state. the kentucky caucus is set for tomorrow... but many political experts are still talking about all the attacks last night. and that intensity continued on the campaign trail today. fox news correspondent joel waldman has more. at last night's fox news debate, the four remaining gop candidates hurling rapid fire insults at each other ... in- between covering some policy proposals from immigration to isis. williams says: "i
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especially in that first hour did not come across as a healthy functional party that was able to convey a vision to the american people." gop frontrunner, donald trump, the target of a majority of the attacks. today, ted cruz campaigning in maine, kept the stinging rhetoric rolling ... cruz says: "donald trump embodies that washington corruption that we're angry about, the answer to that is not to go with someone who's been funding liberal democrats for four decades." marco rubio, with only minnesota under his belt so far, finds himself in a must-win scenario in his home state of florida march 15th ....where he's trailing donald trump ... rubio says: "the conservative movement is not based on anger, it's based on ideas and that's why i'm asking you to caucus for me." despite some razor thin primaries and caucuses on the democratic side, bernie sanders finds himself more than 600-delegates behind hillary clinton ... clinton says: "anyone running for president,
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ides, not ideology -- not an old set of talking point -- but a credible strategy designed for the word we are living in now -- and that is exactly what i am here today to do ..." waldman says on-cam tag : "and, donald trump not just drawing the ire of gop candidates ... conservatives upset the frontrunner has canceled a scheduled appearance tomorrow the conservative political action conference. in washington, joel waldman, fox news." meanwhile many in northern kentucky are getting ready for their caucuses tomorrow. the boone county how organizers everything out. and with this being most kentucky they're ready to help explain the process. "if anyones watching the news, they're quite and it's exciting. we're relevant. we're being part of the process. and once i explain that to voters, they understand!" so if you're heading to the polls tomorrow... we've got
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polling locations to exactly how it's gonna play out. front page of fox19 now dot com. more local news animation local news now.... the mother charged with lying to police and sparking a false search for her child appeared in court this morning. you're looking at 28-year old na'cole benton who's facing various charges including inducing panic. on thursday, police say her car was stolen outside and shortly after... they got reports that benton's child was in the back seat! after a major search... the child was found safe back at the apartment. lawyers for benton say... she never said her child was in the car. but police say... the proof is in the 9-1-1 call. "caller: someone just stole my car. i started it to put my kids in it and they stole it. dispatcher: your kids are not in the car, right? caller: uh, my baby is in her car seat. dispatcher: your baby is in the car? caller: yes. dispatcher: oh my gosh." benton has been charged with
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obstructing official business. and during that incident... 4 suspects were arrested after car near western hills high school. earlier today... we with 15-year old c-j thomas... who says car for the whole thing! in the interview, thomas claims he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. "he took them on a high speed chase and i'm like why are you doing that? just pull over and get out. then he crashed and i'm a young black man and i'm probably in a stolen car so i just started running." thomas was charged with obstruction of justice for the incident. switching gears probably a common tonight. you're looking at fish fry over in price hill. plenty of people organizers say it's connect with the community. jeff... a cold night for a fish fry... but we've got a warm up
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wx anchor/ in chroma it's been a rather gloomy day with lots of clouds and temps stuck in the mid 30s. overnight another disturbance will work into the region with the possibility of some light wet snow changing to light rain as temps warm into the mid 40s by afternoon. once this system moves out the next several days look quiet and mild with highs climbing from the 50s on sunday into the 60s for monday and tuesday. rain moves in mid week and looks to stick around through friday. up next a school in south carolina is taking heat for a project about
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slavery! hear what it was.... and self cleaning bathrooms on planes? looks like it's gonna be a reality! see how... next. welcome back to
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ut elementary school is under fire for a controversial history project. third grade students in richland county were asked to keep a journal about their imagined life as a slave! the assignment asked kids to write a first person report of what it would feel like to be kidnapped from west africa, ride a slave ship... and even be sold at an auction! when some of the parents saw it... they were furious. "as an 8-year-old mentally, you are not able to internalize the information that is being given. i don't think you can't make a connection with this. i don't think it's educational. i don't think it's informative. if anything it's just re- enslaving children." the lesson has since been pulled... but school officials say everything in the project was in line with district
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it sounds too good to be true... boeing says it's developing self- cleaning bathrooms for it's passenger jets! it involves a u-v light that kills more than 99- percent of germs! that means the entire lavatory would be illuminated for 3 seconds after being used... even automatically lifting the toilet seat to make sure the surface is exposed! and if you're wondering... the company says the light wont harm humans. the project is still in the testing phase. two more students have been charged in connection to this weeks madison school shooting. hear why... and police say a local e-m-t is on the run... after allegedly stealing 100-thousand dollars from his department! hear more next....
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two more teenagers are now facing charges after a shooting at madison high school. you're looking at aerial footage from the scene on monday... showing the scope of the situation as it unfolded. according to butler county sheriff richard jones.. two 14-year old boys had knowledge that the suspect, james austin hancock, had the gun at school and didn't tell anyone. their identities are being witheld... but both are now charged with failure to report a
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now, three more students are in the butler county juvenile detention center tonight for what sheriff jones calls quote 'bad decisions'. a 12 and 15-year old student from edgewood city schools have been charged with making terroristic threats. while a 15-year old madison local school student is charged with illegal conveyance of a weapon in a school safety zone after bringing knives disguised as credit cards in to school. all the charges are felonies. an e-m-t from indiana who went missing late last month has now been charged with stealing more than 100-thousand dollars from his job! investigators say craig whitham was working as the treasurer for the aurora emergency rescue when he was confronted about the missing money. after that... police say he disappeared! those with the department say.... they're simply disappointed. "personally, employees, or volunteers are devastated. just wouldn't have thought
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done this to us" to put the theft in perspective.... nearly half of the departments annual budget was stolen. lets send things over to jeff. live wx tease creighton announce
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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lots of clouds and temps stuck in the mid 30s. overnight another disturbance will work into the region with the possibility of some light wet snow changing to light rain as temps warm into the mid 40s by afternoon. once this system moves out the next
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quiet and mild with highs climbing from the 50s on sunday into the 60s for monday and tuesday. rain moves in mid week and looks to stick around through friday. amy 2shot don't forget we're always on final quarter is next...
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sot "mobile squeezeback"
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bam/gfx joe if you're like me and you watch t-v with your phone... find us on twitter and facebook right now to see every story in tonight's show. jeremy we call the show the final quarter... and it's finally march. buzzer beaters and big games. and the shot you need to see in kentucky. how it affects the local teams. vo tournament time for the champs at thomas more... and the first ever big dance for msj. you'll see both. vo plus - chris mack hints at a little trash talk from creighton... and you best not bring any excuses to mick cronin. joe and jeremy 2shot bam/gfx those stories - plus reds - bengals and kelsey mitchell did what? see it next on the final quarter. joe and jeremy 2shot
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the way this works on friday nights is the next fifteen on fox19 is all sports - and we make it all local. joe d - j-r and you. we call it the final quarter. jeremy i just had 20 ounces of coffee. just to make sure these highlights have the juice. defend the hill. that's the plan for new cath. facing cooper in the 9th region tournament. luke moeves hits a corner trey. then they put that thing down, flip it and reverse it. john ludwig hits a trey from the other side. new cath led 26-9 at the half. second half, a banged up sean mcneil gets cookin. the blow-by and finish with the bad
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pierce on ben weyer, 10 jab steps and and a silky smooth stroke. can't help but smile. mcneil had 12 for cooper. they climbed back into this one... ben weyer fighting back on the boards. finally gets it in off glass. weyer had a game- high 16 points. he found his home on the range tonight... buries a triple up top to seal the win. new cath wins by 14, onto the regional semis. ron dawn: "this team has exceeded all my expectations already and i've told them that. no matter what happens. i had no idea we'd be 26, 27 and four, whatever we are with our schedule, but these guys have done a great job and we're just taking one at a time now." winner of dixie and holy cross gets new cath next. if ogers have layers, then schrek has onions. that's tyler schrek up top. close game early on. here comes hamilton scott - best head of lettuce since east central's luke patton. and holy cross is just getting


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